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The soybean proteins are of so good quality as those of the meat, milk or eggs with the advantage of not containing cholesterol . They are used indeed to reduce the cholesterol content and fats saturated in products of processed meats. They improve the juice and textural integrity when increasing the absorption of water and juice and to increase the ligament of all mixtures.

To the different types of foods that at the present take built-in vegetal proteins, the corresponding ones to the meat ones occupy the first place. It is possible to be considered that near the 20% of the processed meats flours or vegetal proteins are replaced by TVP (cooked sausages, hamburgers , jams charcuterie, mortadellas, sausages, garlic sausages barbecues, blood sausages, cheeses of pig, etc.)

The texturized vegetal protein TVP100 is a product of high quality and a high protein value, with 52% (versus) of proteins, less than 3% of fibers, less than 2% of greasy matter, 8 to10% of humidity and 6% of ashes, obtained from proteins of soybean texturized in different sizes accordingly with necessities for each use apt for the incorporation to products before mentioned. It allows the homogenization of the used fine emulsions in different products like sausages, ham, Itaian Ham,mortadella, etc.     It is especially useful to heighten the texture and quality of baking products and is used extensively in systems processes meat.

In the refrigerating industry TVP100 it can be incorporated in amounts that go directly from the 3 to the 15% when cutter, without previous hidratation or to previously hydrate it to it with three to three and a half average liters of water by each kilogram before being mixed to the paste. Besides to absorb the excess of juice of present meat, it improves the quality, texture and flavor of the finished item.

When it is used TVP100 in order to prepare brines to inject it is very advisable to hydrate it by 15 to 20 minutes and later to add the salt and the rest of the components.

With TVP100 an important reduction of cost is obtained.

The use of TVP100 is simple:

Select the percentage to use, that can be between 3% and the 15% of the mass to prepare. Hydrate it with up to three and average liters of water, preferably to 3/8 °C, by each Kg to add it to the mass to insert while this one is prepared, being able to do it in cutter.

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Comprar texturized soy protein gmo tsp
Texturized Soy Protein GMO TSP
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