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Pedido "C2C" - Coil to Can Container Manufacturing
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Exal Corporation's innovative, proprietary "C2C" technology for manufacturing of lightweight aluminum beverage bottle and cans is a combination of technical development and market insight fueled by consistent investment. Exal has been the recognized leader in the manufacture of aluminum beverage bottles since the trend emerged with North American beverage marketers in 2001.

The Emergence of "C2C"

In 2008 C2C technology addressed the cost and sustainability limitations of aluminum bottles with commercial success. Exal made it's first investment in C2C technology in 2001 and since that time has invested over $30 million USD in this innovative hybridized technology that marries the manufacturing speed and light weighting of standard beverage can technology with the dynamic shaping technology of IE container manufacturing. C2C technology is capable of creating lightweight aluminum bottles, made from 50-60% post consumer recycled aluminum content that are resealable without plastics sleeves. The internal can liners of C2C are environmentally friendly and are 100% BPA free.

"C2C" bottle: Infinitely Recyclable

Aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material. Infinitely recyclable means that the products made from a material can be recycled infinitely into the same material without a loss in physical properties. From a packaging perspective that means that a recycled aluminum bottle can become an aluminum bottle again without a loss in package performance. In terms of sustainability aluminum cans are a very desirable product in the recycling stream as the use of recycled aluminum requires only 5% of the energy required to manufacture virgin aluminum.
In addressing the cost and sustainability issues of the first generation aluminum bottles C2C allows the intrinsic benefits and sustainability of aluminum packaging to be realized. As a packaging material aluminum has superior barrier properties (plastic), superior breakage resistance (glass, plastic) and superior UV protection (glass, plastic). Lighter weight aluminum bottle packaging also results in fewer carbon based transport emission throughout the entire supply chain.

"C2C" Highlights:

  • Lowest Cost technology for Aluminum Bottles
  • Made from 3000 series alloy with Post Consumer Content averaging (50%-60%)*
  • Lightweight: About 30% light than Impact Extruded bottles
  • High Speed Manufacturing using Drawn and Wall Ironed (DWI) technology
  • Full body Shaping
  • 360 degree Dry Offset printing
  • Dent Resistant: 3000 series alloy has Flex Memory

*Dependant on actual consumer recycling rates of packages using 3000 series alloy

Current "C2C" Sizes Line One:

  • Current Diameters: 53mm and 59mm
  • Up to 12 oz.
  • 28mm and 38mm formed thread finishes

"C2C" Sizes for Line Two:

  • Range of Ready to Drink(RTD) Diameters: 53mm through 66mm
  • Full Range of RTD Sizes: 5 oz to 24 oz.
  • 28mm,38mm and other industry standard finishes
  • "C2C" - Coil to Can Container Manufacturing
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